Mathieu Robineau \

Composer | Sound designer | Co-founder

A formidable baseball pitcher in his youth, Mathieu’s never really left the mound. In art as in sports he’s constantly perfecting the consistency of his curve ball. Thanks to his attentive listening and focus to detail, he is able to throw every project a unique spin that allows it to hit its mark. His grace under pressure and enthusiastic team spirit makes every job spent in his company fly by. To this day the exploit that he is proudest of is the creation of his post production audio company Robin C in 2018 because it keeps him pitching!

Jean-François Côté \

Sound mixer | Composer | Co-founder

Do you need a log cabin in the woods? a patio, or a good mix? Then look no further than Jee. A builder in every sense of the word, he loves to strip things down, revealing and building new foundations that breath life into unique sonic worlds. With Jee your soundscape or soundtrack is in the hands of a seasoned craftsman that will leave no stone unturned in his quest for perfection. His mixes hit as hard as his hammer because after all Jee loves his job.

Benoit Fecteau \

Sound mixer | Musician | Technical direction

If Benoit borrows an electronic device don’t be surprised if you get it back in better shape than it was. Without even knowing, your machine would have been dismantled and entirely reconstructed for better. Proud son of a Beauceron inventor, Ben is curious by nature, attentive to details, and not afraid to dig below the surface and get to the heart of a machine. Whether he’s playing guitar or creating a mix. Ben fulfills each project with the same ingenuity.

Laurie Laberge \

Project Manager

Mrs. Unfailing Memory. The right woman for the job. Laurie thinks of everything and foresees even the unforeseeable. That’s the way she is… kind of a wizard. It seems she fell in the absolute strictness cauldron as a child. Is she perfect? In our view she is. Her little weakness: eating jujubes.

Symon Marcoux \

Sound mixer

He will never fight to be the center of attention, but put a Fender jazz bass or an Harmony guitar in his hands, and he won’t go unnoticed. He assisted several local artists on stage, visited the country of France on several occasions and worked for more than 20 years in theater. Today, his two new passions that have become top priority: audio and his son! Grand master of Age of Empire and passionate about sound mixing, he stands out in a crowd with his sharp listening skills and legendary calmness. In Symon’s presence, problems no longer exist, especially during a project, or while sword fighting with his son, like the warriors from Dungeon and Dragon that they are!